Marek Kiaba

As the founder and owner of KIABA - Spedition & Transport, Ltd., I have been involved in international lorry spedition and forwarding since 2002. During this period I have been able to contribute to the growth of 2 strong transport companies in Trencin and later in Topoľčany.

„I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying.“ M.Jordan

2017 was the "right" time to try a responsible change. My goal is to build a stable and competitive spedition and transport company that will be a reliable partner through thick and thin for its clients and employees.

"Live and let live" - my vision of the market (not just in transport).
"Live and let live" – long term cooperation with contractors and customers.
"Live and let live" - a decent and logical appeal to clients while optimizing and constantly trying to push the price down, even if transport costs are growing.

As a former active sportsman I live my life with sportsmanship. I like to win but I accept defeat to the better opponent. However, I play and I require FAIR PLAY. By combining the sporting past and years of experience in international lorry transport, I am happy to say: „we like to move it“.